9.99 EUR


By purchasing this digital product, you will gain access to the PREMIUM rank for 30 days.

PREMIUM Rank Wipe Kit Contents
40,000 Stone
60,000 Wood
20,000 Sulfur Ore
2,000 Cooked Sulfur
14,000 Metal Ore
3,000 Metal Fragments
1000 High-Quality Metal Ore
100 High-Quality Metal
2,500 Low-Grade Fuel
2,000 Cloth
2,000 Leather

PREMIUM Rank Daily Kit

1x Salvaged Ice Pickaxe
1x Salvaged Axe
1x Coffee Can Helmet
1x Road Sign Jacket
1x Assault Rifle
1x Thompson
100x Pistol Bullet
100x 5.56 Rifle Ammo
2x Supply Signal

PREMIUM Rank Additional Benefits
[PREMIUM] Tag In-game
7 Set Homes
7 backpack slots
Donator tag in our discord
Exclusive channel in discord
20 Second Home Teleportation Cooldown
20 Second Teleportation Cooldown
10 Second Home Teleportation Countdown
10 Second Teleportation Countdown
5x Hourly pay multiplier
Chest Sorting System

When you have purchased this rank, it will be activated within 1-5 mins of your purchase.
Your rank will NOT automatically renew after 30 days.